Chinese Viewpoints:The United States passed on the financial crisis

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Chinese viewpoints:

Meishan Swordsman Chen Ping: The United States passed on the financial crisis.


I am less and less confident about the possibility of reforming the United States.
Before the financial crisis, I made a public appeal at the EU meeting.
Major countries in the world reform the international financial order.
However, the virtual economy of USA has grown to thirty or even fifty times the real economy.
8 to 10 times the world’s GDP
Then caused a repeated financial crisis
But after the financial crisis in the United States,
The United States not only does not reform the financial system,
but also transfer serious losses to other countries, including the European Union and Japan.
However, China has implemented an independent financial policy,
Therefore, significant losses are avoided.
US now raising the competition between China and the United States to the clash of civilizations.
I think this is not good for China and the United States, as well as the development of the world.
My proposed metabolic growth theory and metabolic economics,
all to emphasize the collaboration after the division of labor,
rather than maintaining the monopoly of multinational corporations.
Or the hegemony of the country, whether it is the United States or the former Britain.
I firmly oppose it.

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