Chinese ViewPoints:China should compete comprehensively with the United States

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China should compete with the United States in all directions and give up the illusion of peace negotiations.


External propaganda of Chinese negotiators,
Stressing that China is treated rationally,
I think it has no effect,
If you want to say to Trump,
His goal is to maintain US hegemony.
Never allow China,
From the second position to the United States‘ equal postion,
Not to mention becoming the first.

This is the first point.
Second, China Trade Negotiators,
only look at the domestic response in China.
they do not look at the reaction of the American media.

Trump has been devastated recently.
The Democratic Party has dug up a whole lot of scandals.

No matter what agreement Trump reached,
Say Trump’s big stick to China,
not playing hard enough.

My prediction is before the US election,
Trump will not enter into any trade agreement with China.
But constantly waving big sticks,
To prove that he is a tough president.

Showing that the traditional Democratic president is too weak for China,
including Clinton and Obama,
only he is tough enough.

So if you don’t understand the economic problems,
It is Trump who wants to protect the sunset industry.

And you do not understand the logic of the domestic struggle in the United States,
It is the Democratic Party and the Republican Party,
mutual goals are to let the other party step down and go on stage themselves.

The long-term interests of the country are not considered at all.
They also not considered ,
how to solve the slowdown in economic development in the United States,
the gap between the rich and the poor has widened,
lack of money in infrastructure construction,
How to solve these problems reasonably.
Instead, take China as an excuse.
To transfer your goals.

You have to know that Americans never reflect on themselves.
All the problems in the United States are caused by other countries.
It used to be caused to the Soviet Union.
Later it was Japan,
Later it was Latin America,
Later it was Islam,
The best object to be blamed now,
is China.

You negotiate with such people,
Is it useful to talk about rationality?I think it is useless.

Look at the way the United States used this time,
From trade to finance, to technology, to law,
even kidnapping,
all means are used.

I predict this round of trade war between China and the United States.
not trade friction,
has been upgraded to the national financial warfare and technical warfare.

USA wants to transfer the industrial chain outsides from China,
the low end is possible,
In the middle and high end, I think it is very difficult.
This round of comprehensive competition between China and the United States,
I think it will last at least 20 to 30 years.
I don’t think it will last for 50 years.
Why? because 20 years and 30 years later,
The national strength of the United States will decline in an all-round way.

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