Cao DeWang : China lacks core technology

0 3 years ago

Interview with FuYao Glass CEO Cao Dewang


Reporter: Over the past few years, Chinese companies have gone out and there has been a spurt of growth, so is it that…

Cao Dewang: I don’t know where is such spurt of growth.
Like I manufacture auto parts, Chinese companies like me that can stand in the international market, there are only a few. The most urgent need, and most important is that we are behind in application materials research. Second, precision manufacturing is very backward. For example, other countries Manufacturing robots, we are also Manufacturing robots. After in-depth research, we found that there is a speed reducer inside the robot, and we Chinese can’t make it.

Reporter: We can’t make the core part ?

Cao Dewang: Yes, we have done these robots for nothing , others who has a reducer, get the same profit as the whole robot. My viewpoint is still pragmatic. That is, Right or wrong should be clear, if we don’t know something, we should admit it, this is the feature of the smartest person. The core technology of an enterprise depends on itself. If you want a child, you should t born it yourself. If you adopt a child, yes, he also calls you ” mother”, but he is still the child of others. The so-called core competitiveness, can not be bought, can not be stolen。 If it is your own core competitiveness, floods even tsunami can not wash it away.

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