Four levels of swordsman in Wuxia world丨Chinese Wuxia donghua clip 1

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Sword is the most important weapon in the wuxia world, with the highest frequency. According to different strengths, people who use swords can be divided into four levels, swordsmanship, sword mind, sword heart and sword soul. Level 1: swordsmanship . swordsmanship is the foundation of all people who use swords. The quality of swordsmanship determines the potential of people who use swords. Those who master swordsmanship initially rely on moves to kill their enemies, and the advanced state of swordsmanship will enable those who master it to understand the mind of swordsmanship and reach the next level. The second level is sword mind. When your swordsmanship improves continuously and you can use exquisite moves, your mind can be attached to your swordsmanship, so as to break through the physical limitations of the sword itself, produce additional attacks and hurt people invisibly. When your sword mind can be used flexibly and at will, you will enter the next level: sword heart. The third level: sword heart. The master who enters this realm has completely mastered the essence of the sword. A bamboo or a wooden sword can be used to kill his opponent. People with advanced realm can even create a virtual sword with their own will, which is said that everything can be a sword, and “no sword” is better than “have a sword”. When your sword heart is mature enough, you will integrate with the sword and enter the next level. Top level: sword soul. People who enter this realm can integrate their soul with the sword, take the sword as their body, stimulate unlimited potential and break all enemies.

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