Real China : Living on a dangerous cliff

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Why is it called Cliff Village? Cliff Village was formerly known as Atulieer Village. It is located in Zhaojue County, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is called Cliff Village, not only because it is above the cliff. The village is located at an altitude of 1400-1600 meters,among the mountains. There are highways in the valleys with a vertical drop of about 800 meters. The mountain top above hundreds of meters are also connected to the highway. The cliff village is a village hanging in the middle of the mountain.Get close to the cliff village, the residence is relatively scattered, mainly divided into two gathering areas, there is almost no flat land, and all the house apprentices are located on the slopes in the mountains.


To enter the village of Atulieer, you need to climb 17 vine ladders along the vertical cliffs.Two ladders which are close to the village, almost vertical, about 100 meters high.

There are fifteen “6 to 15 years old children” in the village of Atulieer. The children are studying at the Lieer Primary School in the foothills. From preschool to third grade, they go back and forth twice a month. At weekends in the middle of the month and the of the month. The rest of the time, the children live on campus.

The “sky ladder” is not easy to climb . Agile young people in the village who are in good hands , usually need an hour to go down the mountain. It takes about 90 minutes to climb up the mountain. Foreigners need to pay twice the time. Wasting time is not the biggest problem, Walking on the “sky ladder”, you will be killed if you don’t pay attention.

Under the protection of three parents, 15 children carrying heavy schoolbags took about two hours to reach the “cliff village”.
It is easy to climb up the mountain but it is difficult to go down the mountain. In the rainy and snowy weather, the villagers no longer go out. Due to security problems and poverty, some school-age children in the village of Atulieer have not yet entered the school.

In the village of Atulieer, corn is mainly cultivated.And cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals are farmed. There are also a small amount of pepper and walnut. However, due to traffic problems, the villagers can only carry a small amount of pepper and walnuts down the mountain, in exchange for daily necessities and a small amount of cash. The rest are produced and sold inside the village.

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