Working very well on website

0 3 years ago

In recent days, I have taken time out of my busy schedule to restore the website’s updates, and at the same time fixed some bugs displayed on the site. The theme I used was updated, but because I have a lot of plugins that I didn’t use, I don’t want to make the site complicated, and I have made a lot of changes to the theme based on the actual application, so I chose to update the parts I need.

The website still has some problems on the technical level, but the basic functions are used normally. Many of my plans have not been completed on time. Now it is time to catch up. After the National Day on October 1st, I will have a lot of free time. At that time, I will finish the minimum goal of this year and make the website look professional.

Making progress will always make people more confident. After complicated trade-offs, I gave up the plan to play World of Warcraft Classic and leave more time to the website. When life and games need to be decided, it always makes people very difficult. After all, the game. It is also part of life, but for now, I need to open a new point of economic growth, just like the current Chinese economy.

Fortunately, doing a website is also one of my interests, making me feel very happy. I will be even happier if I can make money.

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