Why website?

0 3 years ago

There are many ways to create a community, such as through facebook or twitter, building your own fan base through tiktok, or building your own forum on reddit. But as a Chinese who doesn’t use social software very much, I am not good at it. In addition,ChinaGrep has a lot of documentary content, which is not suitable for operation on social platforms.

As a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I must have a platform that I can fully control. A website that belongs to me completely and is controlled by myself is the necessary foundation. On the basis of doing a good website, I will try to use social platforms to help me find new users, and these things will be considered later.

The community has its own website, although it will increase my maintenance cost and take up my time, but I have no economic pressure, I can program myself. I don’t think that maintaining a website will cause me too much trouble. On the contrary, the complete control of the website allows me to do whatever I want and organize and present the content according to my own wishes. I believe that this will become my competitive advantage over others over time.

In the early stage, I will focus on the construction of the website and the youtube channel. After half a year, I will consider other things.

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