Why note

0 3 years ago

Recently I have been working intensely to build content for ChinaGrep. This is a long and boring job, very lonely in the early days.

There are two important goals for doing this website: first, to build an online community with a Chinese topic. This community must be of high quality and cohesive, and the content of the website will be helpful to netizens and can be developed in the long run. Second, I hope this online community can. In the end, I hope that this community will bring benefits and allow me and my future team to concentrate on the construction of the website without considering other things.

According to my understanding of the Internet, it takes a long time to do content-driven website communities. In the process, I will encounter many problems, and it is not so easy to achieve goals. But I am very confident in myself and will definitely achieve my goals.

Therefore, I believe that I should record the process of building my website in detail and provide reference for people who want to start their own business in the future. This is very meaningful in itself.

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