Why in English

0 3 years ago

It is my interest to build an online community and liberate myself from reality. At present, I have no pressure in survival. My business in reality does not require me to invest too much energy. I only need to manage a limited amount, and then wait patiently for it to grow.

Anyway, I need an online community that can benefit from it, allowing me to be free and able to work and relax whenever and wherever.

But in China, building a website is very cumbersome and needs to be submitted to the government for application. Individuals can’t have community functions and can only have blogs. Of course, I have my own company in China, and I can also host the website under the name of the company and then carefully handle the government review. These will increase my cost, but it is not too difficult. But we still have a bigger challenge.

The problem is the search engine, Baidu. Baidu is China’s largest search engine company. Unlike Google’s principle of not be evil, Baidu is a very evil company. Many of its actions have been criticized by Chinese netizens. Its existence has made China’s Internet environment worse. It is quite difficult to operate a website through originality and improve the quality of content. I think that it is completely impossible.

All along, I hope that my life is free, free from fear and free from trouble. I already have a profitable business in China. If I am not satisfied with life, I should find a breakthrough outside China, so I think I should consctruct an English website.

When Google was not banned in China in the early years, I made a website and earned money through Google. Although not much, I think this road is unobstructed. I can’t put my future on a bad Internet system.

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