What ChinaGrep based on

0 3 years ago

ChinaGrep based on open source softwares, our server is ubuntu linux system on amazon lightsail, I run apache / mariadb / php7.2 on the sever. I also applied a SSL certificate from Ali Cloud, it is free for 1 year. I may change it to better SSL in the future, but now i works fine.The community is constructed by wordpress with bbpress/buddypress and some other free plugins. In a word, free and opensource except the theme, it cost me tens dollars, it is also opensource theme, just need to pay for download, I can accept that….

I also have a youtube channel also named ChinaGrep, i use Obs / Openshot / Gimp / Audacity to help me produce audios and videos.

So ,it is simple and effective, it runs fine now.

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