Website gets more traffic

0 3 years ago

Today is 2019-10-28, ChinaGrep has gained more traffic, although my updates have stalled in the past few months.

Overall, the site received 17,000 impressions (mostly invalid, because the second page of Google search was basically un-clicked later), and 767 hits, which is satisfactory compared to my labor.

For the customer group of ChinaGrep, most of them come from the United States, as well as visitors from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. This kind of customer composition is exactly the same as I expected, and I am very satisfied.

In the early period, I only concentrated on the update of Chinese poems. The main traffic of the website is also from Chinese poems. This shows that the professionalism of the website is conducive to Google’s diversion, it provides guidance for me to build other content in the future.

In addition, ChinaGrep’s youtube channel also has 29 subscribers, although I have not updated it for a long time. This made me realize that as long as I insist on updating the content, the traffic will come sooner or later. The key point is to insist on updating and maintaining the quality of the content.


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