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0 3 years ago

1, In noticed that google includes articles on ChinaGrep portal fast, I guess because I am using wordpress, and google is familiar with it. Google knows how to find articles on wordpress websites. On the contrary, for the ChinaGrep forum pages, Google does not include them. I did an experiment on that and get the conclusion. Similar content was placed in the forum and the portal. As a result, the content on the portal was quickly included, and the content of the forum was not available.

2, Clicking the links in the Google search results will increase the ranking of the link. This is very obvious in the un-popular keywords and the long tail keywords. I also tested it experimentally. This provides some ideas for my future SEO planning. I Search some Chinese poems with google, find a link of ChinaGrep, click it , change ip to do this again, it works at the next day, the rank of the page became better.

3, Google is very concerned about the professionalism of the content of the website. When the new website starts, it is best to concentrate the content in one area, and Google will be willing to give more opportunities to such websites. I got everthing on ChinaGrep with China, Chinese keywords, google like this, it includes my pages on portal quickly.

4, if your website is original, then don’t worry about other website’s copies, Google will recognize it in a period of time, do not have to do it yourself. Of course, if you can use some special techniques, such as adding links to your own website, adding watermarks to your original content, and let users to visit your site, this is better, but if you don’t plan to do so, it doesn’t matter, Google There are very complicated algorithms to judge originality, so you should not worry. This is just what I feel, I should get more information in the future.


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