Setup New Home Page

0 3 years ago

Today I setup a new home page for ChinaGrep, let it look like a “professional” website, not just a blog. I spent 3 hours on several kinds of layouts and finally I got one satisfied. Building website alone is s a job that requires long-term investment and sometimes feels boring.

But if it progresses, it will make you feel very happy. I plan to move to a house in my town when the conditions permit in 3 years, or build a house I like in the countryside, far away from the city. In the network and real life, building your favorite space at the same time, that feeling must be great.

There are always a lot of things in real life that you can’t let go. Whether it’s chores or business, it limits me. It’s impossible to travel around like many online reds. However, people’s freedom of thought cannot be restricted. When they Have time, they will devote themselves to the things they like and move forward step by step toward the set goals. although they will continue to encounter setbacks, as long as they persist, the results must be beautiful.

So far, I have solved almost all the problems of ChinaGrep at the technical level. The rest of the work is to continuously enrich the content of the website, add various topic pages, and make the website more and more excellent at the content level. There is still a lot of work to do.


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