Set new youtube Channel URL

0 1 year ago

Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve. Business has become difficult this year because of the epidemic. Fortunately, I have overcome most of the problems with my hard work and can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.

I haven’t updated the website and youtube channel for a long time, but when I browse the channel information and guest comments, I feel that my investment on the Internet is meaningful and I need to stick to it.  I took the time to upgrade the wordpress and plug-ins, fixed some bugs, and the whole site seems to be running well.

My youtube channel has been subscribed by hundreds of people, which is in line with the permission to set a custom URL. I changed the channel address from a long string of random characters to ChinaGrep, so the address of the youtube channel became, easier to remember.

I’m going to be with my family today, and I will update the youtube channel later when I have time. I hope everything will get better in the new year.

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