Received copyright claim on ChinaGrep videos

0 3 years ago

Today when i get up, ready to update videos on my youtube channel, I find that I have received 3 copyright claim on ChinaGrep videos, i got confused, I have just 1  subscriber (myself…..), the videos which were claimed just have 3 views, 2 view, and 0 view. How can a 0 view video be found and claimed copyright?

I googled these copyrighted organizations on the Internet and found that many people have the same situation as me. These are organizations that professionally publish copyright claims and thus make a profit, and don’t bother. I read the instructions on the youtube channel and it didn’t affect the video, but I still responded because I didn’t infringe any copyright of these people. Thus, you will meet all kinds of people, get all kinds of problems.

However, this incident gave a reminder that I should be aware of intellectual property issues in future video production and try to avoid the harm caused by copyright. I will stick to original creationl and ensure that the resources I get from the Internet are substitutable. I can produce the material instead when I need it.

At present, the channel content construction is still in progress. After completing the first two channels, Chinese poetry and Sun Tzu’s “the art of war”, I will adjust the direction of creation and add new content.

Nothing is perfect, but life goes on.

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