Progress on ChinaGrep youtube channel

0 3 years ago

Yesterday I uploaded 2 videos about huawei on Chinagrep youtube channel, and I try to let more people know my channel. so I copied the link of 1 video and reply the comment in hot videos, ant wait to see what will happen.

After 12 hours, I got the results, 150 people watched my video, 6 likes, 1 dislike, this is not a good transcript, but I am very satisfied. Because I found an effective way to promote the channel. I also realize that people are willing to watch and discuss hot topics, and I will adjust the direction of work based on this result.

The update of Chinese poetry and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” Channel will continue, but slow down and just do it when there is spare time. Many topics I planned before, as an infrastructure to understand China, will definitely be done, but there is still time, I should try to update the content while attracting users. Rather than being completely paranoid in a certain direction.

The specific method is: I will focus on the hot topics related to China, try to do some high-quality, attractive videos, and then promote the video through various channels to attract users.then update the new content according to the user’s needs.

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