Problems and progress

0 3 years ago

I start ChinaGrep on internet at 4-23 / 2019, now it runs for nearly 3 weeks, I met some problems and  made some progress :


1, I work alone, it is too tired and no one help me correct mistakes, especially in content custruction, and no one test new functions of the website for me, I should do everything myself, that means slow.

2,My English needs to be improved. This is very urgent. It is related to my work efficiency, but I can’t make progress quickly. I am afraid that I have to endure and slowly improve it.

3, No one knows ChinaGrep youtube channel, no one visted ChinaGrep website,  I expected this early, but I still need a breakthrough.


1, I fixed many bugs of the website, code bugs or plugin running bugs, now, the program works fine.

2, I almost complete the functions of the community, now you can login with your google accounts directly, you can post a comment on the portal, post a topic in the forum, apply a group for youself, add frineds in the groups, etc,.  the community’s basic functions are all ready.

3, I have improved the effective of the web site, I added the cache system and improved it, now the website can afford enough visitors.

4, I deployed an SSL certificate to let users more secure, and google likes that, now google ranks websites with SSL first.

5, Google has included ChinaGrep, and some of the searches show the content of the site, which is better than I expected.

Keep working…………………..

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