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ChinaGrep is made up of portal, group and forums, portal is the core of the website, I will control the content custruction of  portal myself and strictly control the quality of the portal. In my plan , we should follow the steps below:

1, Construct 5 channels and focus on them, they are Chinese poems, Chinese books(first stage it means “the art of war ” only), Chinese Musics, Chinese thinking , my note. I will add content alone in the first six months. I will also make videos on youtube.

2, Improve the Google page ranking of ChinaGrep, let people know our webiste by google search or youtube search. This will take sixs months too.

3, Get more guys involved, by internet or ask my friends for help, add more channels and more contents,  keep working on this.

As I know, good website with nice ranking requires at least 2 years, most need 3 years. Yes, I have that time, I will keep working to achieve the goal.

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