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0 3 years ago

I realized that Google is not not including the ChinaGrep forum content, but that it believes that the quality of the forum content is not high, it should be closed in the sandbox after inclusion. Because all the categories in the ChinaGrep portal are quickly included, they are displayed in the search results list. And my recent addition of the “notes” category, the topic is similar to the post I posted in the ChinaGrep forum, maybe Google’s judgment is that this is not good quality content, so temporarily put all the articles in this category in the sandbox, Just like the ChinaGrep forum posts.

In addition, now search for ChinaGrep keyword in Google, ChinaGrep’s home page is still not ranked first, the first is ChinaGrep’s youtube channel home page. But the progress is that ChinaGrep’s homepage is just behind the youtube channel. Before all the collection sites, this is just a few days’ change. I believe that with the continuous development of ChinaGrep website, it is sooner or later that ChinaGrep will be on the first position.

In the past few days, new users have visited ChinaGrep through search engines, mainly through Chinese Poems related keywords, but there are very few people staying. This shows that we still need to work harder to provide better quality content to attract visitors. Of course, due to lack of content in the early days, the homepage of the website is also very simple and has no features. Over time, these problems will be solved.

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