Monthly summary 6

0 3 years ago

There’s no Monthly summary 5 of ChinaGrep because that I was playing World of Warcraft Classic and miss the updating  on September 23. Today is the sixth month since I setup ChinaGrep community, I wasted a lot of time and delayed the update, but I also made some progress. The bad news is that I have not done anything in the past month. I am addicted to World of Warcraft Classic. The good news is that I got a good rest. My SSR has finally returned to normal. The network conditions have been greatly improved than days before the National Day. And I have achieved initial success in the virtual society of the game. In the future, the time I need to invest in the game will be greatly reduced. I will have more time to invest in the website update, or accompany my family.

Life is a long journey, we can’t ask everyone to be a model student, and we can’t ask everything to succeed in a short time. But the important thing, for our own goals, we have to persist for a long time until we succeed. From now on, I will increase the intensity of website updates, provide more quality content, let more people understand Chinese culture and understand China.


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