Monthly summary 4

0 3 years ago

Today is 8/23 2019,  I have spent 4 months on the ChinaGrep website community and youtube channel.

I was still working on my net business last month, which main on renovation.  It will be done in ten days, although it was delayed for almost a month, I am sure it will be doe quickly and then I can be back to work on the website and youtube channel.

My vpn seems got a lot problems and I can’t fix it now, so now I am  using a backup way to update posts, hope I can fix the network problem as soon as possible.

I planed to focus on website updating works and later to update the youtube channel of ChinaGrep because Google continues to provide traffic to the site, and I should seize the opportunity to improve the quality of the site and provide more content.

Just wait business affairs done.

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