Monthly summary 3

0 3 years ago

Today is 7/23 2019,  I have spent 3 months on the ChinaGrep website community and youtube channel.

This month my energy was on upgrading the store and opening a new store, so the website construction was completely stagnant. I have some free time in recent days, I plan to return to the website construction, but business is the foundation of my life. There are many things that I need to personally participate in. I am afraid I still need to invest a little more time. It will last until the end of September. Then, it’s time to update the website and video channels.

Considering that I did a lot of work on website construction and video channel construction in the first month, from today’s point of view, I have made good progress, and any suspension will make me anxious. But life is not perfect, and everyone can’t decide what to do according to their own mood. In any case, I will step up my business affairs and return to the website construction as soon as possible to promote my dreams.

Recently, my network software was slow, and I need to have enough patience to open an overseas website, which seriously affects my work efficiency. I will find a way to find out the reason, or replace the network software, and solve this problem as soon as possible.

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