Monthly summary 2

0 3 years ago

Today is 6/23 2019,  I have spent 2 months on the ChinaGrep website community and youtube channel. Compared to the progress of the first month, the second month was somewhat disappointing and did not meet expectations. Because of my business, I had to spend a lot of time at work, leaving little time for websites and video channel. As a result, The expected number of videos was not completed as planned.

Fortunately, this month was not completely wasted, and my video channel has made several subscribers, although I feel that my video quality is currently poor. The ChinaGrep website has also obtained some natural traffic from Google, and the number of keywords displayed is increasing. Although it is not enough compared with the expectations, it can be gradually accumulated after all, and I am still satisfied with the overall situation.

I have to spend a lot of time at work in the next two months, so updates to websites and video channels will slow down a lot. However, business affairs will always be dealt with. I will have a lot of free time in the future. I will gradually enrich the content of the website and video channel, improve the quality, and complete my expected plan.

The investment of a person in his career during the career downturn determines his success ceiling. The same is true for the construction of the website. I believe that I will stick to it and succeed on ChinaGrep website and video channel.

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