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Today is April 23, 2019, ChinaGrep is on the line for one month. A month ago, I launched the ChinaGrep online community on Amazon’s server. I decided to write notes to record the process of building my community. Every month, I will write a monthly summary, I believe that it takes a long time to develop this community. If one day my notes are useful to some people, the monthly summary can help them quickly understand the history of the website.

In the past month, my work has been completed:

1, the realization of the basic functions of the website, including portals, forums, groups, HTTPS, social account login, website performance improvement, anti-robot, and other background plug-ins.
2, updated several directories, and added the content of the response, mainly Chinese poetry, Sun Tzu, notes, news.
3, completed the youtube channel video production, a total of 54 youtube videos were produced.
4, preliminary attempts to promote, verify the feasibility of the target. The traffic from Google search, although the traffic is very small. Promoted a youtube video by posting links in the comments section, achieving hundreds of hits and getting 10 likes.

I the I still needs to stick to the original idea, take the website Construction as the core goal, reduce the number of video releases, and improve the quality of video distribution. At this stage, we insist on building website content for Google engine to achieve natural traffic. Create videos for users, increase the number of youtube video Channel users through hot videos, and import traffic for websites.

I need to calm down and don’t have to go too fast.

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