Got visitors from all over the world

2 3 years ago

Today when I was checking my web site by google site tools, I found that ChinaGrep got visitors from all over the world, that made me very happy, although still too few. Visitors come from the United States, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries and regions.I thought that is was a good start to build an English website, I believe that as the content continues to enrich, the traffic of the website will increase. The most important thing is to maintain the quality of the website content and enhance the appeal.

ChinaGrep visitors by nation

Recently I spent a few days on World of Warcraft classic, delayed a lot of time, I took control of myself, to learn to plan my time, anyone can not be addicted to a certain hobby. Keep working….


  1. Lu Rong

    thank you Terry, I love Chinese poems you post here. I am teaching Hanyu and I found our ancient poets are great treasure to us.

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