Google finally make sure that we’re the real “ChinaGrep”

0 3 years ago

Today is 5/21 2019, after 3 weeks’ work, google finally make sure that we’re the real “ChinaGrep” offcial website, now, if you search ChinaGrep in google, our home page will in the first place, then some ohter pages on our website, then there are some youtube video pages of our offcial youtube channel. Fine progress!

One most important thing I learned from this : keep links to your website in videos and images is very important,  if you don’t want to be bored by auto collection websites, you should keep this note.

I keep links to ChinaGrep home page in each video on my youtube channel and images on my website, that auto collection websites also collected links and “ChinaGrep” watermarks , it help google and users find the real “ChinaGrep” website. It takes 2 – 3 weeks, I think that is acceptable.

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