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I have published about 50 posts and 15 topics on ChinaGrep from about 2 weeks ago(I spend about 1 week after setup the website online to fix bugs and add basic functions, improve it’s effective), now google includes 108 pages(some are the category pages, custom pages, list pages, so it is more than what I posted). And just now when I get to google site admin pages, I find, that today there are bout 22 impressions and 8 clicks, and I am make sure that  at least 2  of them from the keyword “zao fa bai di cheng” is not done by myself, which means, some one googled “zao fa bai di cheng” poem from google, and google show ChinaGrep pages on the search results……..which means, whe website works now…….it make me really happy,  I don’t care that there are few visitors, from 0 to 1 is not easy to do , and i did it in 2 weeks.

According to my past experience, Google prefers original web pages, fast-loading web pages, web pages that can be accessed by mobile clients, and web pages that focus on a certain topic. Google has a strong requirement for SSL certificates, and priority is given to websites that start with https. I will continue to improve based on these experiences to achieve a better ranking. All of ChinaGrep’s articles are related to China. The keywords include China, Chinese. Most of my previous articles are related to Chinese poems. In the next stage, I will continue to update Chinese poems and relevant content of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I believe that The content is constantly enriched, ChinaGrep will get Google traffic on more keywords, and finally let this community and youtube channel be understood by more people, and also loyal users.

In a word : persistence is a prerequisite for success. Especially when you choose to operate a website.


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