Deal with automatic collection sites

0 3 years ago

I mentioned a lot of websites that automatically collect content. After I posted videos and pictures on youtube, these websites were quickly collected, posted online, especially Chinese poems, it grabs almost all ChinaGrep poem videos, and they were included in Google, which made me very troubled.

But I thought of a simple way to deal with it, which is to add watermarks to the videos and images, and add a link to ChinaGrep in the video description. In this way, when these websites automatically collect my videos and pictures, they are equivalent to free ads for ChinaGrep. I think this is a good business.

Of course, as I said before, the main energy of the previous period is still to focus on content construction, enrich the content of the website, and improve the quality of the content, this is the core competitiveness of the website. SEO is a long-term job, and it takes a long time to practice while learning.

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