Back to work

0 3 years ago

Recently I was working on my business and did nothing on website, now business almost done, I can find some spare time on website.

After more than a month of stagnation, the site became more worse and the youtube channel was basically dead. The good news is that after more than a month, Google has more trust in ChinaGrep website, and there are natural traffic from Google search every day, Which is the biggest gain since the establishment of the station.

There is an old saying in China that the if journey of 100 miles is completed 90 miles, it is equivalent to halfway(Chinese:行百里者半九十). The biggest reason for the failure is not insisting, so I am back to the website construction after my business affairs done.

There are still some things in the business that need to be done and it will take me about two weeks. After all these done, I will have a long spare time. At that time, I will increase my efforts to build the website .

The road is long and I will keep on searching for my dream anyhow.

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