Back to work from pneumonia epidemic

0 2 years ago

From January 24, 2020, due to the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, my city, like most of China, has entered a state of blockade. Unlike everyone else’s imagination, there is no fear in my life. I just spend more time with my family and play World of Warcraft at home.

Due to the pneumonia epidemic, several of my stores were forced to close, and we have to wait for the government’s order before we can open. At present, most factories have resumed work. I am engaged in the entertainment industry, which is not the first batch of resumed industries.

The epidemic has caused huge economic shock to China, and many people have suffered huge economic losses. I am one of them. But life is like this. The Chinese have become accustomed to face various challenges and face misfortune. Most people can only sigh and continue to work hard to recover the lost time after returning to work.

Many things happening in China seem strange to other countries in the world, and I am also thinking, if the same epidemic is born in other countries, can they be like the Chinese, a dozen people isolate themselves at home, and the whole society still running.

Unfortunately, China’s lessons have not alerted other governments, new pneumonia has spread in many countries, and the world’s most powerful United States has not been spared. A superpower that influenza can kill 15,000 people should be worrying about its sluggish response to pneumonia.

Since there is nothing to do at home, I decided to put my time back on the website. I adjusted the structure of the website, closed all the forums and groups, and turned the website into a pure information site, so that I could concentrate on improving the quality of the website in a limited time.

May everything be better in 2020.

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