An unexpected mistake caused by “The art of War” translation

0 3 years ago

Today I spend a whole night to translate chapter 3 of “The art of war” , When I upload it on youtube, I found that I used the wrong name and error tranlation for Chapter 1 and chapter 2,  the same errors on ChinaGrep website, I also use the wrong address on website.

This is a disaster. Google just included the two articles and the directory in which it was. At this time, changing the address and title and filling in the same content is a very unfavorable thing for SEO. But there is no way, the error has already occurred, I guess it will take some time to fix the problem and regain the trust of the search engine.

“The art of war” is written in ancient Chinese, I need to translate it into modern Chinese and then translate it into English. I have read English translations on the Internet. I think there are many places where they do not accurately understand the exact meaning of this book. This book is very well known in the English-speaking world. I think if I invest enough time in this book to improve it, I will get a reward sooner or later. I removed “the art of war” book directory, and setup it dierctly under ChinaGrep root. I also fixed the wrong translation and I continue to work on it.


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