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0 3 years ago

I finally found out why the ChinaGrep forum was not included. They were indexed by Google, but they did not join the site map. Because WordPress does not have a site map by default. The site map is very important for SEO. I don’t know why WordPress is integrated by default.I downloaded an SEO plugin and generated a sitemap, which is still being processed, it seems works now.

During this time, I completed the first two experimental categories, Chinese poems and Sun Tzu’s The art of war, and I expected that the completed content will be completed in the long run, so as to test the search engine judgment rules.

There was some split in the first month of work, and doing websites and making videos was two completely different directions, and I have been hesitating between the two. I think quality content is the root of attracting users, so I will continue to update the content of the website, but as a long-term goal, I need to find a specific area, focus on doing some high-quality video, and use it as a short-term goal.I have researched some people who have sueccessful videos and got some inspiration. I am going to practice in the next two months and do some attractive videos first.

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