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0 3 years ago

After about 1 month’s work , I made some progress on Chinese poems and “The art of war”, in fact, it is very boring and requires long-term persistence. In this long-standing process, I should do some interesting videos. In addition, in order to keep the channel fresh, I should follow some hot topics. These topics are the focus of everyone’s search and discussion. Each section needs a long time to accumulate in order to win the user. While keeping the Chinese poetry and the Sun Tzu’s Art of War section updated, I will do some hot topic videos, thus my work will not be so boring.

So I added a new section, news, and reports on Chinese attitudes towards hot topics. This section will be the core of my work in the future. But in the early days, my plan was to keep one or two news videos updated every week. The other energy was used to complete my plan for Chinese poetry and the Sun Tzu‘s “The art of war’.

After one whole day’s work, I completed the first ChinaGrep news video,  I initially established the style and workflow of the news section, which is far more meaningful to me than the first video. Work harder , life better, Work harder , life better, cheers up!

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