A little difficulty

0 3 years ago

I took a break for two days and thought about how to do the ChinaGrep community and the youtube video. I tried various methods and made some progress, but it was not enough. More importantly, the progresses I have made are not quickly reproducible. If I want to succeed in the current way, it will take a long time and there is no way to guarantee it.

I have carefully studied some good websites and many successful youtube blogers, I don’t think i have many of their features. I seriously thought about my original intention. I found that many of my imaginary advantages are actually Unreliable. After careful consideration, I decided to increase the amount of content first, try to explore the preferences of Google and youtube by expanding the sample size, and then gradually choose the area of focus.

There is a lot of work to do, just record what I think now, if the direction is correct, I will seriously summarize, if the direction is wrong, I should continue to adjust.

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