Huawei thanks to US partners after banned by US government

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Huawei President Ren Zhengfei accepted CCTV interview


Ren Zhengfei answered the question from CCTV reporter Dong Qian at the interview site. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei’s advanced field is not affected by the entity list. Let’s take a look:

美国时间的昨天,他们(US Government)发了一个对华为的90天的延迟禁令期,换句话说,华为有90天的临时执照,您怎么看这90天,90天您可以做些什么?另外,如果这个新闻是真的,这个90天又被取消了,你又如何看待这种反复?
Yesterday in the US time, they (US Government) issued a 90-days delay ban on Huawei. In other words, Huawei has a 90-day temporary license. What do you think of this 90 days, 90 days, what can you do? In addition, if this news is true, and if this “90-days delay” be canceled again, how would you think about this ?

Ren Zhengfei:


第二个,美国大量的零部件器件厂家给了我们很大的支持,特别是在今天的危机时刻,我真体验了美国企业的良心,应该是前天晚上,半夜,我记不得了,大致两三点钟,几点钟。。(下属)打电话给我,报告了美国企业的努力,对我们这种情况,我流泪了。而且今天美国的企业,也还在说服美国政府,对华为公司的管制问题,我们,也要分清楚管制中,有四类管制,我们不是拒绝管制,我们是实体清单,实体清单就是说,你美国公司卖什么东西给中国,必须要获得批准,所以这次我们虽然有这个清单,我们本公司内部是不受影响的,但是美国是一个法制国家,美国企业不能够不遵守法律。所以有这个实体清单,他们就要遵守法律。我说媒体在报导的过程中,应该深深理解(美国企业)和我们之间是同呼吸,共命运的,我们就是市场经济的主体。可能我们一些边缘线的低端产品,就没有备战,因为我们认为,这些迟早都要淘汰的。我们没有准备,也可能这些东西会有影响。 在最先进的领域内我们不会有影响。就至少5G是绝对不受影响的。而且不仅不受影响,至少别人两三年内是不会追上我们的。

With the opportunity I would like to talk about these issues. First, I am very grateful to the American companies. Over the past 30 years, American companies have grown up with our company. They have made a lot of selfless contributions. They have taught us how to walk.

Second, a large number of parts and components manufacturers in the United States have given us great support, especially in today’s crisis, I really experienced the conscience of American companies. It should be the night before, in the middle of the night, I can’t remember, roughly two or three o’clock, (Subordinate) Called me and reported on the efforts of American companies, on our situation, I was in tears. And today’s American companies are still convincing the US government. We have to distinguish between the control issues of Huawei . There are four types of controls. We are not in “refused control”. We are in the list of entities. The list of entities means that American companies who sell to China must be approved, so this time Huawei is in the list, they are not affected internally, but the United States is a legal state, and American companies should comply with the law. So there is a list of this entity, they have to comply with the law. I said that in the process of reporting, the media should deeply understand that (American companies) and us are breathing together and sharing our fate. We are the mainstay of the market economy. Maybe we have some low-end products on the edge line, no preparation, because we believe that these will be eliminated sooner or later. We are not prepared on these product lines, and it may be that these things will be affected. We will not be affected in the most advanced fields. At least 5G is absolutely unaffected. And not only is it unaffected, at least others will not catch up with us in two or three years.

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