Huawei ready to break through the US blockade by China and Russia markets

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Huawei wins Russian 5G contract, ready to break through the US blockade, video:

In the era of 5G, Huawei became the role of Qualcomm in 3G and 4G eras.
So far, the key patents of the standard, Huawei has the world’s largest, 15%.
This is the latest statistics from a German statistical company, in April 2019.

Yesterday morning, at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,
4 commercial licenses were officially issued to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television.
Approved 4 companies to open 5G business, which marked China’s entry into 5G commercial year.

Huawei has signed a 5G contract with MTS, Russia’s largest telecom operator.
The 5G network will be developed in Russia in 2020.
MTS is the eighth largest telecommunications brand in the world.
There are 67.42 million users in Russia.
The president of MTS said the agreement will contribute to the development of closer economic relations between China and Russia.

On the morning of June 4, HengTong said that it planned to purchase 51% stake in Huawei Ocean Network Services Co., Ltd. The company is engaged in the submarine cable laying business.

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