How do Chinese people think about United States government banned Huawei

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How do Chinese people think about United States government banned Huawei


SIna News:
Huawei will lose Android system update rights

1.4 billion people can build their own ecosystem

Yes, limit Apple to use WeChat, Alipay

Use 5G to overturn the situation and let other people in the world adapt to Chinese technology and habits.

What is wrong with this? The American madman uses a national power to suppress a company, and we can also use the power of our nation to confront each other.

QQ News:
Huawei was suspended by Google on some services, and Huawei responded: It has the ability to continue to use the Android ecosystem.

Huawei, for the sake of China, you are not allowed to die. You have to be better for our country. You are the pioneer of this trade war. If you fall, there will be more trade companies like ZTE will fall . Huawei, cheer up!

In fact, Google first started it under Trump’s instruction. Huawei is waiting for the top decision, we dare to fight back, we have the ability to fight back, but we have to be calm, and to focus on the overall situation. The top leader is also calm, if someday war comes, there will be no patents, no technical restrictions , no difference between the east and west. After 1949 , we never lost in a war, will we be afraid of a trouble on mobile phone?

Never use an Apple mobile phone, only use domestic mobile phone Xiaomi, inexplicably like Xiaomi, support Chinese companies, although not bought Huawei but support Huawei! ! !

I want to use “Hong Meng”(Huawei’s OS), I mean, if Huawei’s consumer goods are all localized, even if there are some problems at the beginning, I will identify the purchase.

Foreign media:Google stopped part of its business with Huawei, Google said “obey the ban”

Isn’t Google banned long ago? Huawei is still using Google?

we don’t want to develop our own operating system, the United States forces us to develop it ourselves. This is a good thing, and it is a matter of time.

Have we used Google? I don’t know what Google is.

Google is at the forefront of the first line of sanctions. In the future European countries and Asian countries who are using Google, be careful, and if you don’t follow their orders, you will be disconnected. For example, India, Vietnam, the European Union, and Japan should be careful.

Boycott Google

TouTiao on Weibo(Twitter of China):
[Huawei related person in charge: Huawei data center chip can be completely independent of the US supply chain] Huawei related person in charge said on May 20 that Huawei’s server chip KunPeng 920 can fully realize its own production. He added that although this chip is based on the ARM V8 architecture , Huawei has obtained a permanent license. In addition, Huawei in the remaining supply chain can achieve independent production.

A truth: hitting iron requires a hard hammer. We can build atomic bombs and space stations, and these depend on ourselves.

In a word: unconditionally support domestic products, Huawei cheers!

Huawei cheers!

Operating System and mobile phone service for foreign markets are the problems

Not well prepared to fight, lack of strength, but courage!

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