Chinese Wuxia Music 铁血丹心 Tiexue Danxin 丨 Patriotic heart with boiling blood

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Chinese Name:铁血丹心
PinPinYin: Tie xue dan xin
English Name: Patriotic heart with boiling blood
Instruments/乐器: 古筝/Guzheng(Zither)

Background story:
At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the Jin army went south, and the country was at stake. People in Jianghu(Wuxia world) were unwilling to subjugate their country, and they fought together, leaving behind many well-known stories.

This is the theme song of the Chinese martial arts TV series Legend of the Condor Heroes. The TV drama expresses the patriotism of people in the Jianghu world, but the lyrics of this song describe love.

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