Chinese Classical Music LiangZhu 梁祝古筝版丨The butterfly lovers plays by zither(GuZheng)

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Type/类型:Chinese Classical Music 中国古典音乐
Chinese Name/中文名:梁祝 LiangZhu
Full Name/全称:梁山伯与祝英台 LiangShanbo yu ZhuYingtai
instrument/乐器:zither(GuZheng) 古筝

Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai read together and fell in love with each other , but they could not combine for various reasons. The two committed suicide, and after they died, they turned into butterflies. This is Romeo and Juliet of the East, and their stories are widely circulated in China and are written as golden melody.

1,Liang Zhu is divided into 5 parts, which are learning together, falling in love, bid farewell, struggle, and transforming into butterflies, I’ve marked these segments with different effects in the video.
2,This version is a guzheng ensemble, and there are many other Liang Zhu versions, such as piano and flute, but most of them are works by famous people and are protected by copyright. In the future, I will look for more good works played by ordinary people.

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