Chinese classical music 二泉映月 Er Quan Ying Yue丨The moon reflected in two springs

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Chinese Name:二泉映月
PinPinYin: Er Quan Ying Yue
English Name: The moon reflected in two springs
Author: A Bing(Huan Yan jun)
Instruments/乐器: Erhu/二胡

Background story:
A Bing has great artistic talent, but he fell into the vice habit of smoking opium, which eventually ruined his future. He was destitute and blind. After experiencing all the hardships in the world, A Bing has created a large number of excellent works. He is the first person in Chinese folk erhu art, of which Er quan Ying yue is his best masterpiece, which is widely circulated all over the world.

A Bing has composed hundreds of works in total, but only a few have survived. Erquan Yingyue was handwritten by him, and he did not officially name it. Chinese national art experts found him, and after recording his work, they discussed with him to name the work, because he often played this piece in a place called Erquan, so he named it Erquan Yingyue.


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