Chinese Classical Music 秦王破阵乐丨Prince of Qin Smashing the Battle line

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Chinese Name: 秦王破破阵乐/破阵月
PinYin: Qin Wang Po Zhen Yue
English Translation : Prince of Qin Smashing the Battle-line
Instrument/乐器:Pipa/琵琶 Erhu/二胡 长笛/Flute 三弦/Sanxian

Background story:
In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin, the prince of Qin, often personally led the elite troops to break into the enemy’s positions, he was invincible in battle and was known as the God of War. Li Shimin was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty and one of the most outstanding emperors in Chinese history. This piece describes the scene where he leads the army smasing the enemy’s defense line.

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