ChinaGrep User Guide

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ChinaGrep consists of three parts, ie the portal, the forum, and the group.

The ChinaGrep operations team will continue to update the article on the portal. The category of the article is planned by the webmaster,in the early stage it depends on the personal preferences of the webmaster. You can make suggestions in the site affairs board or apply to become the author of this site.

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Forum is used for users’ communication, the forum section is planned by the operation team, in the early stage it means the webmaster himself, you can make suggestions in the site affairs board.

Groups are used for users to organize themselves, users can organize different groups according to different topics and interests. If you want to set up your own group, you must first be a senior member of ChinaGrep. The community operations team will pay attention to your comments and contributions in the community and respond to your reasonable needs.

ChinaGrep’s goal is to become a first-class Chinese topic online community, users are the core of the community, so user criticism and suggestions will affect the development and planning of the community. If you have criticisms and suggestions on the site, or if you need resources from the community, please post in the site’s section of the forum.

Portal address:
Forum address: https://chinagrep/forums
Group address:

Sincerely expect to your participation!

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