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  • terry

    Q: How to registe?
    A:You should add webmaster’s Email([email protected]) address to your Email’s white list, You can read more on this post.

    Q: How to become a moderator, author and administrator?
    A: Reply to this post and apply for your desired role.

    Q: How to insesrt/upload images?
    A: Ordinary members can only insert online pictures. If you want to upload pictures, you need to apply to become a moderator, author or administrator to obtain a higher level of authority. The forum focuses on discussion topics, and opening up image upload permissions to everyone will cause a serious server burden. If you need to express your views through pictures, you can use imgur, Google Photos, Instagram, flickr and other online picture sites to upload pictures, and then share them to this site through the link.

    Q: How to embed a video?
    A: Ordinary members cannot embed videos in their posts. You can insert the playback address of the video to help you express your views. The moderator, author and administrator of this site have the authority to embed videos in posts. If you think you are consistent with the development concept of this site, you can apply to join the management team of this site.

    Q: What is a group?
    A: Group is one of the advanced functions of this site. Create and manage a group, invite people with common interests to join, post and share news, resources, discuss topics, and organize activities in the group. The information published in the private group cannot be accessed by other members. For example, you can create a subtitle group and organize people with common interests to create subtitles together. You can also set up a Chinese study group to exchange and share the experience and skills of learning Chinese.The owner can choose to set the group as public or private.

    Q: How to create a group?
    A: You can apply to create a group by posting a post in the site affairs board of the site. If the reason is right, you can create a public or private group. Generally speaking, applications for senior members of this site will be approved.

    Q: What is the point and rank system, how do I get points?
    A: Everyone will get 5 points when they sign up, and they will get points for posting articles or topics, comments, and replies. Spam will be deducted points. When your points reach a certain number, you will automatically get a new level.Malicious behavior or points become 0, your account will be deleted.Members with high points/levels will get more benefits.You can read this topic to learn about points and waiting systems.

    Q: How to help website?
    A: You can help publicize and share the website, and your visit is also the driving force for the long-term persistence of this website. The webmaster does not need any donations. If you need to use the resources of this site, you can use it directly. For commercial purposes, you need to apply to the webmaster, personal reprint, use, completely free, just indicate the source.

    Q: The website violates my rights.
    A: Post in the site affairs board or Email to me.

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