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  • terry

    I turned off the social login, because such functions of worpdress rely on plug-ins, which increases the complexity of the website. And these plug-ins have more or less problems with the compatibility of the website, and it is not cost-effective to spend a lot of time debugging the plug-ins. From the perspective of long-term operation of the website, I prefer the website to remain independent and to be able to store all the data on its own server without being affected by third-party services. Therefore, I purchased a server with sufficient performance and restored the original mail registration.

    If you want to become a member of this site, you need to have an email address that can receive the registration verification email sent by the website and complete the verification through the email prompt. The default email address of the webmaster to send emails is [email protected], which has been tested with QQ mail, Gmail and other emails, and it works normally. If you can not receive the registration email, please add the email address of the webmaster to the whitelist.

    If you are still unable to register an account after completing the above operations, you can directly send an email to the webmaster’s mailbox. I will check the mailbox from time to time, but I may not see your email.

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