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Point and Rank System

  • terry


    Points earned:
    User registration: reward 5 points
    Post an article: 2 points awarded
    Post comments: 1 point reward
    Post topic: reward 2 points
    Post reply: 1 point reward
    Daily website visit: 1 point reward

    Points deduction:
    Spam: 10 points deducted
    Malicious behavior: 10 points deducted, serious direct deletion of numbers.

    Rank system:
    iron 0: Iron
    bronze 50 points: Bronze
    silver 100 points: Silver
    gold 200 points: Gold
    platinum 1000 points: Platinum
    diamond 2000 points: Diamond
    master 5000 points: Master
    king 10000 points: King
    Certified Certified: awarded by the management team

    When your points reach a certain number, you will automatically get a new level.Malicious behavior or points become 0, your account will be deleted.Members with high points/levels will get more benefits.You can read this topic to learn about points and waiting systems.

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