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Chinagrep is a website that pays attention to Chinese culture. The topics discussed on this site include: Chinese history, poetry, music, movies, TV dramas, Chinese learning, etc. This site will publish videos of Chinese culture through the youtube channel of the webmaster Terry, to promote and attract friends who are interested in Chinese culture to build a community together, and build the community into an online home for Chinese culture fans.

I am LaoWang(Terry) who owns this website, I hope to make friends who love Chinese culture through this platform. My main contact method is email: [email protected] If necessary, you can get in touch with me by email or by posting in the forum on this website. Due to the large number of emails, choosing to post on the forum is a more reliable contact method.

The purpose of this website is to promote Chinese culture, help people from other countries understand China’s current situation and history, share Chinese Internet resources, and discuss various interesting topics about China. I am a native of China, so I believe my information is helpful for people who want to understand China. No matter what questions you have about China, I will try my best to help answer them. If you have any topic that you want me to show through the video, you can also leave a message on the website. I will select a suitable topic to make a video and post it to youtube if time permits.

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